10 Signs That He Wants to Marry You

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Sometimes men can be hard to read, but some things that he does and say tell you all the things you want to know. Do you want to know if your boyfriend is ready to marry you? Here are some signs:

He says things like, “You’re the only one who… (etc.)”

When he says things like “You’re the only one who has done something like this for me” or “You’re the only girl I have ever loved” or anything to that extent, he is serious about your relationship.

He wants you to meet his family

Remember this: men are not going to take just any woman home to meet his family. You have to be someone special for any man to do that. If he asks you to meet his mom or any other member of his family, then he is serious about your relationship and plans on being with you for a long time.

He wants to live together

Nothing shows commitment like a man who is ready to give up his bachelor pad. He loves you so much that he wants you to live with him. Most men are afraid to live with their girlfriends because they don’t want a commitment. But if he brings it up without you pressuring him, he definitely ready to take the relationship further.

He considers you and him partners

If you have a man that consults you on everything, then you’ve got yourself a keeper. He doesn’t only see you as his girlfriend, but as his equal. He considers you as someone who he can trust and confide in. Men look for things like that in a woman, and when they find it, they can’t let go.

He cries in front of you

Men like to seem “macho”. Even some men believe that crying is a sign of weakness. If your man can cry in front of you, then he sees you as a comfort system. That means that he is so comfortable around you that he feels that he can share his emotions with you and not expect you to judge. Congratulations, your man has just found the perfect woman!

He has friends who are married

It’s sad to say that men are easily influenced by their friends. If he has groups of friends that are married already, then he may seem like the odd one out. This might actually get him start thinking about settling down himself.

He touches you in the sweetest way

Some men are not all into that touchy feeling and showing affection type thing. But the way he gazes into your eyes, touches your cheek, or kisses your forehead, is the perfet way of knowing if he is serious about you. You might be thinking about making you the Mrs.

He talks about the future

If he talks about his future and includes you in it, he definitely has marriage on the brain. He might talk about you two having kids together and might even have names picked out. He definitely wants a future with you.

He says you make him a better person

There’s nothing better for a man than to have a woman who motivates him to do better. Of course, he loves himself the way he is, but when a good woman comes along, and she makes him an even better person, then best believe you’re wifey material.

He has told his family and friends he wants marry you one day

Bingo! Your man has just admitted to his family and friends that he wants to settle down with you one day. Don’t get too excited, he is still trying to plan things out and it might be a while. But he’s definitely planning on something.

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