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Is Nasty Gal’s Company Culture as #Girlboss Friendly as Former CEO Sophia Amoruso Promotes

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Whispers have been flowing for years now about the lack of #Girlboss support and development actually happening in the Nasty Gal camp. But it wasn’t until Founder and former CEO Sophia Amoruso stepped down did we start to believe the words trickling down the grapevine. It seems like when there is smoke there is also fire as 4 former employees are engaged in a lawsuit claiming there were terminated from the ecommerce company once they revealed they were pregnant. If true, this is a major violation for the so called #Girlboss developer Sophia Amoruso. How can you claim to create, develop and promote fellow #girlboss when you can’t even stand to keep them around during her pregnancy. Too often in corporate America pregnancy is viewed as a glorified disability when in fact it is the ultimate human act of love, selflessness and power.

We will keep you posted on the legal outcome.


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