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Latoya + Missy Lynn Talk Lack of Support Amongst Black People

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If you all are unfamiliar with Latoya or Missy Lynn they are both famous youtubers who became friends during their rise to the top of youtube ranks. Latoya started a popular comedy and random youtube channel LaToya Forever but now focuses her time growing her second platform LaToya’s Life. LaToya’s Life highlights the life and times of her family (daughter Samia and husband Adam) and many, many others. Missy Lynn is a beauty guru who is now splitting her focus on regular vlogs giving her half million subscriber fan base a peek behind the beauty and glam to her everyday life.

VAIN is a place for multicultural women but that doesn’t mean that we shy away from the conversations that are race specific. At any rate, whether you are black or not you probably can relate to the feeling that the people “most like you” in society would rather see you fail then succeed at times. If you are not black you should still read this post and regard it just as that. One of the things we aim to highlight at VAIN is how much ALIKE we are even with our “differences”.

It’s a thought you had or feeling you have felt before, don’t deny it. “It’s our people who are the last ones to support” or “It’s always our people dragging us down”. No one is judging you for it so you can be honest. That is exactly what Latoya and Missy Lynn did at lunch in Toronto (as documented on Missy’s vlog). They discussed the hate, fake friendships and lack of support they have seen on their successful youtube journey. It may be different for everyone but it hurts or annoys a tad bit more when it’s people who look like you hitting you with below the belt negativity like hateful vlog comments.

Watch the Video from this point of the conversation:

Latoya + Missy Lynn Talk Lack of Support Amongst Black People

For those that find themselves hating or thinking not so positively about the girlboss in front of you fighting for hers, heed the following advice.

Instead of using your valuable time (whether you realize how valuable your time is or not ) to hate, focus on what you can do for a better YOU!

Be motivated or inspired by the person you see in front of you getting it, not jealous. Jealousy is not a positive actionable emotion, meaning you cannot start nothing positive from that feeling. Jealousy keeps you in the wrong mindset so instead of saying “How can I get that too” you are thinking “How can I invalidate what she has”.

Misery loves company but you don’t have to be miserable.

If you have an idea, then you can have a plan. If you have a plan then you can have success too! Women about their business or focused on making something when they have nothing don’t have time to be a hater. That is not a step on the checklist to success. Choose not to be miserable, choose to be focused.

Don’t be the person that wants others to do good, but not better than YOU. [Tweet This]

Competition is healthy. Wanting to be the best and on top is natural but if you have to become a negative nancy versus upping your game to get back to the top you are playing the game wrong sweets. Hard work, a humble spirit and support of others will get you everywhere!

You don’t have to watch, subscribe, share or retweet the stuff you don’t like.

Everyone is out here trying to figure out this thing called life. Living the best way they know how and making lemons out of lemonade in most cases. If you come across something you don’t like whether it’s a person or not you should first ask yourself why. If your dislike is truly a preference versus the person being blatantly offensive, harsh, mean or cruel then maybe you should consider just not watching them anymore or unfollowing their twitter timeline. That is the logical solution versus continuing to interact with something or someone that makes you uncomfortable, sad or negative.

Sometimes, just be quiet!

This is life, you are going to run across people, places and things you don’t like. Remember the olden days? “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Yup, that still applies. Social media has tricked us by given us a platform for constant, on demand communication of whatever comes to our minds. But that does not mean that we should use it for that purpose. Somethings should remain thought and not said. It’s a sign of maturity.

The Point…

We appreciate both Latoya and Missy for discussing this hot topic on their vlog platform. It’s a conversation that probably should be had more often as we have to hold ourselves accountable. Support your peers that are killing it, help that girl who may need it, love yourself and you will find their is no room in your heart to hate on anyone else.

In The Spirit of Love + Support

Here are 4 Dope Vlogger Chicks You Should be Watching Now! In addition to Latoya + Missy

Shameless Maya


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(Damon is a cherry on top, a bomb bonus :))


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On a Personal Note:

I know that its hard, especially in the world we live in today, to decipher when, where and how we should communicate our thoughts and feelings. I mean just tweeting #AllLivesMatter will get you shunned from the black community even if your intention is to not replace one social equablity movement with another as many assume.

Case Study:  Black & Sexy TV

I adore Black & Sexy TV and the team behind it. Lately, I have been less happy with my subscription to them (I subscribe to Black & Sexy Now, $7 a month) due to the shift in content and lack of consistency in timing of releases and exits of core members/actors that I have become a full fangirl for. For months I have used my social channels to promote their shows (for FREE), enagage in chats about the content and even wrote detailed coverage on their first ever awards show. Do you think in the last month when I started to not like the content as much that I started to use those same channels to bash them? uh NO! Not even. I remained silent. They are still a dope collective with an archive of content that I rewatch often. I still suggest you subscribe, do so HERE. I recognize that not everything they do will be to my liking and they are learning and growing. Who am I to bash them behind a few things that aren’t my flavor. The way I see it I have two choices: unsubscribe and go on about my life (hey we had a nice run) or remain silent until I love love love the content again, stay subscribed and go back to promoting them to high heavens. You don’t have to do what I did or even think as I do but I hope that helps those who maybe trying to figure out how or why to be more positive online.


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