Benefits of Wearing Black

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Reason #1: Black is universal

The benefit of wearing black is you can mix and match black with anything. With other colors, you have to worry about what colors blend well and which do not blend. Black, because of its simplicity, can be color coordinated with brights or other dark colors, and still look good, classy, and elegant.

 Reason #2: Black fits any personality

There are some people who can pull off some colors while others cannot. Black fits and color coordinates with any personality no matter what skin color and body shape. Anyone, and yes, I mean anyone, can pull off a black outfit- a little black dress, a black suit and tie, and still look good.

Benefits of Wearing Black_Erica-Vain2

Reason #3: Black makes you look thinner and taller

This is one trick that many fashion designers have mentioned. Black hides all of the lumps and parts of our body that we have been trying to hide with every other item in our closet. Black works as an invisible guard to our insecurities and adds length to our body. It works that well!

Reason #4: Black is sexy

Black is appealing, no matter what you wear. It is specifically appealing with intimate clothing– it has an alluring sense that is attractive to the opposite sex. We can’t explain what it is, but the magic is there. Just go with it.

By Ileana Garcia

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